These are my core services. You can work with them as stand-alone offers, or we can create a custom programme of works tailored to your needs.

If you know what you want, that’s perfect. If not, it’s not a problem.

We can have a free discovery call to outline future outcomes and offer recommendations.


  • Personas
  • Customer Journey Maps
  • Competitor Analysis
  • JTBD Checklist


  • Onboarding Audit
  • Onboarding Templates
  • Automated Messaging Sequences
  • Feedback and Satisfaction Surveys

Community Ops

  • Community Roadmap
  • Community Metrics Templates
  • Tech Stack Design
  • Advocacy Programme Strategy
  • Community Guidelines and Implementation Strategy
  • Moderation Guidelines

Engagement & Retention

  • Activity tracking Systems
  • Evaluation Models
  • 1-1 community engagement scenarios
  • Loyalty Programs
  • AMA Event Checklist

Community-Led Marketing

  • Content Checklists
  • GTM Strategy
  • Engagement Calendar Template
  • Cross-Department Project Management System

Remote Transformation

  • Company Knowledge Base
  • Employee Handbook
  • Policies and Code of Conduct
  • Communication Guidelines
  • Meeting Templates
  • Team engagement activities
  • Knowledge Sharing Activities
  • Leadership Training (Collaboration, Mentoring, Feedback)