Daniel Prindii | My default apps of 2023

My default apps of 2023

What apps I have been using in 2023.

I discovered the app defaults trend via some RSS feed and got lost in discovering what others use.

I think it’s a good archival exercise, both for readers and the writer. And for future internet historians.

As I’m using MacOS, Android (and sometimes Windows), I use apps that have good interoperability.

Here’s my list:

  • Mail Client/Server: Proton Mail and Gmail for Google-related things

  • Notes: Obsidian and Coda– for shared projects. Here are my plugin selections after using Obsidian for ten months.
    To-Do: Obsidian

  • Phone Photo Shooting: Samsung S23 Ultra

  • Phone Photo Management: Samsung Gallery

  • SLR Photo Shooting: Nikon D610, Nikon F70, Zenit E, Lubitel 2, Smena 8 M

  • Photo Management: Affinity Photo, Adobe Lightroom

  • Design: Figma and Affinity Design

  • Calendar: Proton Calendar

  • Cloud Storage: Proton Drive

  • VPN: Proton VPN

  • RSS: Inoreader and Omnivore

  • Contacts: Samsung Contacts and Proton Contacts

  • Browser: Brave

  • Chat: Signal and WhatsApp, Slack, Discord, Circle

  • Read It Later: Omnivore

  • Word Processing: Obsidian, sometimes Google Docs

  • Spreadsheets: Airtable, and Google Sheet

  • Presentations: Figma

  • Shopping Lists: Obsidian

  • Meal Planning: Coda

  • News: Inoreader, Artifact, Omnivore, Mastodon feed, BlueSky feed

  • Music: Spotify

  • Podcasts: Pocket Casts

  • Password Management: Proton Pass

  • Weather: Ventusky

  • Reading app: Moonreader+ and Zotero

  • Books management: Obsidian and Hardcover

  • Blog platform: WordPress

Kudos to Robb for keeping the database up to date.

Photo by Ian Edokov on Unsplash

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