Hello, I'm Daniel and I am

Community Designer

Marketing Strategist

I’m a Fractional Head of Community, Community Designer, and Marketing Strategist. I use my experiences from UX research, community leading, market research, information architecture, and marketing to understand audiences and help businesses build thriving communities.

I believe that to create a people-first community for your product, business, or idea, you need to involve the people who are a part of it in every moment.

What I Do


Who is the perfect audience to be a part of your community? Using qualitative and quantitative research methods, I can help you answer about your community questions like:

  • what sociodemographics they have

  • what keeps them engaged

  • what do they value


Where to promote a community and what messages to use to attract them towards yours is a challenge on its own. Doing it while keeping an eye on costs even more so. To complete the roadmap of an acquisition funnel, making sure each member has a positive onboarding experience can make or break your efforts.

Community Ops

Behind the scenes of a great community, there’s a whole system of operations consisting of people, processes, and tech stack making the wheels turn. Let’s work together on auditing and improving your current ops, or building them from scratch.

Engagement and Retention

The real value of a community is the everyday interaction that happens inside it. But the truth of the matter is community engagement and retention isn’t an organic effort (at the very least, it’s not only that). It’s a consistent effort and planning to offer value to your members, and it’s something we can collaborate on.

Community-Led Marketing

Your community is, at the end of the day, an investment for your business. If you can’t turn an active and engaged community into revenue streams one way or another, you are missing out. Starting from your business model or product type, we can work to find the best ways to monetize your community without diluting its human value.

Remote Transformation

We tend to think of communities as the groups gathering around a brand or business in online spaces, be it a Facebook profile or a Slack community. But a community is also a team of employees, struggling to work remotely and not connecting properly. Community-building skills can be applied to improve the quality of work and team mood there as well.


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